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Don’t leave your Chat Box unmanned! Or with the “Leave us a Message” message! Your potential new clients will just leave!

How would you like it if you walked into a store and the service team all had their backs to you and ignored you? You wouldn’t feel very welcome and certainly, you would not feel valued by that business. Don’t do that to your potential new clients.

Research has shown that a chat box not ready to respond can be more damaging to the impression your website visitor has of your brand and business than having no live chat service at all.

If you have live chat on your website (and you should if you want it to deliver conversions) please do not leave the box unmanned. It essentially says:


Leave us a message and we will get back to you when it suits us, not you, as you aren’t important enough for us to be here when you need us!


You already have Live chat so you understand the value it can deliver to both your clients and your business. During the past 30 days, over 50% of the leads we delivered to our clients were delivered outside of normal business hours (8am – 6pm) or on weekends. (At the time of writing this). So, if you are not manning your chat 24/7 you really have to ask yourself:

What potential new clients am I missing out on?

I can tell you what you are missing out on and what you are not missing out on:

  1. You ARE missing out on a lot of sales opportunities
  2. You ARE missing out on a lot of great customer experience opportunities
  3. You ARE NOT missing out on providing a very negative perception of your brand and business to your out of hours website visitors.

If your clients are important to you and growth is important to you and you would like to see more sales, try managing your live chat 24/7 and see what results you get. I am sure you’ll be blown away!

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By : Olivia Martin

By : Olivia Martin

I love to write just about everything that fascinates me

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