The Secret To Building Deeper Customer Relationships

Learn how customer relationships enhance your business and gain an insight into how Managed Live Chat services can help you with that. Do you know that a positive human interaction reduces stress, anxiety and elevates endocrine-immune systems? Do you know the average life span of human increases when surrounded by cheerful people? People always need
Customer Relationships

Are your Sales Execs ignoring 50% of the leads from marketing…..?

“Sales representatives ignore 50% of the marketing leads”: Is Managed Live Chat delivering Sales Qualified Leads the answer? Shockingly, a study by the TAS Group has discovered that sales representatives ignore 50% of the marketing leads. Wondering why the percentages are so high? Revenue is the lifeblood of any business, large or small. Revenue is
Sales Qualified Leads

Thinking about Managed Live Chat? Things do you need to consider:

Thinking about Managed Live Chat – there’s a lot to consider including DIY – It’s new client booster! Don’t be fooled through thinking in will be super easy to do it yourself. And it all depends heavily on your objective of providing the live chat service on your website. The main objectives are: To provide customer service

Potential New Client? Don’t expect us to be here when you need us!

Don’t leave your Chat Box unmanned! Or with the “Leave us a Message” message! Your potential new clients will just leave! How would you like it if you walked into a store and the service team all had their backs to you and ignored you? You wouldn’t feel very welcome and certainly, you would not

24 LinkedIn Hacks for 2017:

Do you need a few tips to improve your effectiveness on LinkedIn? Andy Foote recently posted a question on LinkedIn: Calling all LinkedIn Grand Maesters! = What are your fave LinkedIn HACKS for 2017? What tricks/work-arounds do you use regularly today?   I had nothing to offer but jumped into the discussion openly admitting the

Collaboration drives success – Start-up

I have experienced first-hand one of the major reasons that the start-up scene is so successful. A recent new contact, Danielle asked me to assist in finding a presenter for a workshop she was running at the innovation business centre for which she is CEO. The workshop was “So you want an app for your business?!”