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Potential New Client? Don’t expect us to be here when you need us!
Don’t leave your Chat Box unmanned! Or with the “Leave us a Message” message! Your potential new clients will just leave! How would you like it if you walked into a store and the service team all had their backs to you and ignored you? You wouldn’t feel very welcome and certainly, you would not feel valued by that business. Don’t do that to your potential new clients. Research has shown
24 LinkedIn Hacks for 2017:
Do you need a few tips to improve your effectiveness on LinkedIn? Andy Foote recently posted a question on LinkedIn: Calling all LinkedIn Grand Maesters! = What are your fave LinkedIn HACKS for 2017? What tricks/work-arounds do you use regularly today?   I had nothing to offer but jumped into the discussion openly admitting the same and tagging along hoping to garner some insights. Andy graciously accepted me into the
Collaboration drives success – Start-up
I have experienced first-hand one of the major reasons that the start-up scene is so successful. A recent new contact, Danielle asked me to assist in finding a presenter for a workshop she was running at the innovation business centre for which she is CEO. The workshop was “So you want an app for your business?!” specifically designed to support start-ups and small business.  The presenter that was lined up, an
Amazon Rising – in Australia
What will it mean for online retailers in Australia? Our friends at statista sent this very unassuming chart. I didn’t think too much of it to start with. We all know #Amazon is big! Then, but hang on – bigger (nearly twice the size) for U.S. online shoppers than all search engines? As big as all retailer’s channels combined…. I must admit, it started to get my attention.  The little
Looking for more sales? Don’t forget your existing customers!
How much time have you spent thinking up new ideas to generate new business? Do you have a system? How much do you invest in marketing to bring new customers to your business? Statistics prove that the cost of acquisition of new customers (CAC – Customer Acquisition Cost) far exceeds the cost of growing sales from your existing customers. The CAC is the cost of turning anyone in the population
Lead Generation with Managed Live Chat vs Live Chat – What’s the difference?
Here we discuss what managed live chat can do for your business. We know that providing a live chat service on our website we can drive a huge increase in lead generation and conversions. Non-optimized websites convert on average at 2% whereas websites with live chat can generate 4 to 8 times more leads. What makes the difference? The purpose of live chat is to provide enough information and service
Reputation is the new currency……
Your customer can be your greatest marketing resource – believe it or not! Your customers know the value you deliver. They know what your service is like and how well you fulfil your promise. In this age of instant everything, reputation is the new currency. The first place people go to check you our is your website through Google (it does carry over 80% of the world’s search engine traffic
How Skin & Laser Clinic increased their website bookings by 400% while reducing cost per acquisition by 25%
A new business (12mths old), Skin & Laser needed to boost their bookings With considerable investment in the latest technology and their digital presence and marketing, Skin & Laser wanted to ensure an optimal return on their investment whilst providing the ultimate in customer service. The main areas of focus for us were to reduce the website bounce rate and maximise customer satisfaction and online bookings. The base-line was one
Live Chat is an Untapped Potential for Your Business
The trouble with online shopping is that many customers are disconnected from someone who can answer their questions in real time with precision. Rather than watching potential customers click away from their websites, many businesses have been adding live chat support. As it turns out, live chat has the ability to provide the convenient answers that customers want, while also adding significant benefits to the staff and bottom line of
How to get the most from your live chat service
Be available 24/7 Firstly, make sure it’s manned 24/7. Studies have shown that an unmanned chat service can be more damaging to the impression your website visitor has of your business than having no live chat service at all. Manning your chat service 24/7 can be onerous for small business. The alternatives do away with the live chat service altogether or move to a managed live chat service, where the