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Peter Zafiris, Business Owner at Industrial Ideas

About Industrial Ideas and why they used Live Chat for their Agency.

Industrial Ideas specialise in industrial B2B sales and marketing – where purchasing decisions are often complicated and very transactional. We are driven by your challenges and will work with you to uncover hidden opportunities to achieve profitable results.
Our B2B marketing services are tailored to our industrial clients, from market research and strategic planning to campaign development and on-site workshops; all our services are aimed at helping industrials discover how to generate more profitable business from existing and new customers.
Business success is an outcome of matching strategy with the right marketing activity. Understanding your customers and markets is the key to B2B marketing success. Then you can execute with confidence, innovate and improve.

About this project


Lead Generation for Industrial Ideas and improved ROI for their clients


In conjunction with the client, we developed qualitive and quantitative research to be conducted directly with the website visitors. Continuous improvement was delivered within an agile framework to improve the level of engagement of both clients / potential clients and those website visitors that were non-clients.


At the end of the 90-day program, chat engagement had increases by 33%, And enough data was gathered to provide insight and recommendations to Industrial Ideas clients to improve their product offering.