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Karen Austin, Business Owner at Skin & Laser

Richmond Skin & Laser Clinic was founded through the uncontainable desire & passion for providing perfection in skin care. Everyone deserves to have the best skin they possibly can and it is our mission to utilise state of the art technology and products to provide the maximum enhancement of our patient’s appearance and well-being. At Richmond Skin & Laser Clinic, we believe in a holistic approach to aesthetics. We have a combination of Medical Grade Equipment (manufactured in the USA), Cosmeceuticals, Organics and gluten free products at our disposal. Our fully qualified practitioners will complete an in depth consultation and prescribe the most appropriate treatment for you. Your well-being is our mission. Looking good is feeling good. Richmond Skin & Laser Clinic provides a Safe, Professional and Ethical environment where you can be assured of the best results. And after all, it is all about the results isn’t it!  Let us help you look & feel amazing!

About this project


Avoid website bounce rate and maximise customer satisfaction and online bookings.


We put together a custom strategy for the website by greeting each unique visitor with a passion for serving, answering and satisfying. Dynamically approach and service all website visitors. Setup unique offer, greeting on different pages to increase conversion and engagement. Found the relevance with customer research and fine-tuned our approach going forward.


At the six month stage, online bookings increased from 1 per week to 4 per day and website bounce rate dropped from 64% to just 35%.

  • avg. 5 leads/day
  • 25% less Cost Per lead Aquisition(CPA)
  • 35% Bounce Rate